A Scary thing just happened with my .mac account!?

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I just found a scary thing when checking my e-mail. I usually get around 20-30 emails a day, and I noticed that I was not getting any e-mails since yesterday afternoon.

I tried sending a few test e-mails to myself, and I never would get them. I could send to others, but not get any.

I checked my .mac account on another computer, and it said in small letters,

"mail being forwarded to [email protected]"

(the xxx's were a name...)

How did this happen? How could someone steal my e-mail? How do I stop this from happening again??

I unchecked the forwarded thing, and changed my password to .mac

What else should I do? Is there any way I can get those "hijacked" e-mails?

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Thank you. Frank D.


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    noah93noah93 Posts: 168member
    The next step I'd recommend you do is contact Yahoo! and report the account, and see if they can help you recover any emails. Chances are they can if it has not been deleted.

    This is a very hard thing to go through, your lucky you realised soon.

    Good luck finding those emails,

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    Thank you Noah,

    Foolishly, I wiped out the guy's e-mail without writing it down. I was so shocked I was not thinking right.

    .mac might still have it. I did e-mail them.


    Frank D.
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