My is doing strange things..?

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Hello all,

I am a mac novice, and lately there have been some strange things happenning with my mail account.

I have a G4 imac, and use the mail app that is part of Tiger. My e-mail address is a .mac account.

Lately, strange things have been happening. The other day I was gone for a few days, and when I checked my e-mail, I had 186 messages, which is a lot for me.

When I opened my inbox, I found that almost all of those messages were from weeks ago, and they were not new. I deleted them weeks ago.

How and why did they return?

Also, sometimes when I type an e-mail and send it, then like the next day there will show that there is a e-mail in my draft folder. I click it, and there is that e-mail I sent the day before. I check my sent box, and it WAS sent the day before.

It was never put in the draft folder, and was typed and sent right away the day before.

Why do e-mail appear in my draft folder when they were already sent a day or two before?

Today, I sent an e-mail. It went fine. I click on my sent folder an hour later, and there it is, the last e-mail I sent. Now, I'm just looking at the screen, not touching the keyboard or my mouse, and instantly, the e-mail dissappeared, like I deleted it, but I did not. I then checked the trash folder, and it was not there.

I went to safari and logged into my .mac account, and it was not anyewhere there it was never sent.

The biggest thing was the other day, someone hijacked my .mac account and stole my e-mails for about 24 hours. I posted about this already, and immediately changed my .mac password, etc. After that, I have gotten my


I do not think the hijacking has anything to do with the other mail problems, because it was doing these things before the hijacking.

I've repaired permissions, but I've been leery and did not do the last OS update. Should I reinstall mail? Is there a way to do that and not lose everything?

I've just read what I've typed here so far, and it looks like a post that was written by someone who does not have both oars in the water. I assure you, I'm not nuts.

I've considered just dropping my .mac account and going back to my old roadrunner account.

I'm to the point that i'm going to get paranoid soon. Any thoughts? Is there something more I should do?

thank you in advance for your help.

Frank D.


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    .mac mail has been acting weird for about a week for me. Haven't complained to them yet. New mail is read, and the new message dot clears, then reappears. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon. I've had .mac for years and this is the first time mail has been a problem.
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