Connecting to the Internet via Bluetooth and a Mobile Phone

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Hi Guys

I am trying to connect my new shinny MacBook to the Internet via Bluetooth and my Sony Ericsson T630.

I found the wonderful sofware Launch2Net at

and it let me connect to the Internet so I know the problem is definetly not hardware based.

Unfortuanetly that software costs over 80 EUR and that is really just too outrages to pay for especially since I am sure its just something to do with how I configure MacOSX.

So question is does anybody have any idea where my problem may lie?

I have read that I should turn off compression and echo headers in my PPP Option and I have done so, so I think the problem lies with the modem script and I have tried to make a script myself with a modem generator

but that also didn't work out as I was anyway not sure about most things I could checkn in that generator.

Or does anybody own the T630 or a similar phone and experience similar problems?

Thanks a lot for any help is appreciated



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    shapiro2shapiro2 Posts: 37member
    I have a T610 & connect to the internet FOR FREE. It just uses up minutes on my phone. No software needed, just configured it to use the "Bluetooth device" as a dial-up modem - which is the speed it connects at.
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