How to increase the Macbook VRam to 224mb ?

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The GMA 950 is capable of using up to 224mb of shared video ram. Apple has obviously crippled this feature in OS X. Do you think there is any way we can modify this to use more?

I know that in Bootcamped Windows XP, my Macbook defaults to 128mb allocated to the GMA 950. Some people have noticed that its been as high as 224mb depending on Windows XP is using it as it was designed.

How can we get OS X to use more? I'll be this thing would kick some butt with more ram...


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    majortommajortom Posts: 33member
    Sorry, no answer to your question. Just to say that I'm reallly interested to the matter too but until I get the fan of ny MacBook working I can't try any kind of experiment. I wouldn't be so sure that the Mac's memory is stuck to 64MB.
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    macroninmacronin Posts: 1,123member
    I don't have any GMA950 equiped units to check, but wouldn't Activity Monitor tell you how much RAM was allocated to the graphics subsystem??!?
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member

    Activity monitor didn't reveal anything but System Profiler did.
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