Softphones and Headsets in OSX

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Hi all,

I am trying to get some VoIP action going here on my G5, running OSX 10.4.2. I have a demo VoIP server I can use to make calls, and I have a couple of softphones to try, which are SJPhone and X-lite. I also have a Plantronics CS50-USB headset/mic to use in conjunction with everything else but the problem is I cannot seem to get the softphones to recognize it.

Thus I have the following questions for users here:

1. Does anyone here use the Plantr. CS50-USB? If so can you point me towards usage docs?

2. How do you get a softphone to recognize a USB headset?



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    rminklerrminkler Posts: 50member
    I recommend looking at JackenIAX (if your Voip server works with the IAX protocol).

    It's a really slick softphone.
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    glossgloss Posts: 506member
    From what I've experienced, X-Lite on OS X is unstable as hell. It crashes every single time I use it, without fail.
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    zeeplezeeple Posts: 31member
    Thanks for the input. between the two softphones I have installed I definitely prefer SJPhone over X-Lite. X-Lite seems to have a cheesy heavily pixelated interface that they are trying to make non-square. Further, it is less intuitive so I am glad you have tried it and I am going to uninstall it.

    I looked ay JackenIAX mentioned abouve and it looks pretty slick. I just downloaded it and I am gonna give it a go right now.

    As for headsets, I definitely like the Plantronics unit I bought (actually that my company bought for me). It seems to be worth the full 200 bucks. Or whatever it was. No install of anything required. It just worked out of the box. Gotta love it.
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