European Market

in General Discussion edited January 2014
The two companies who hires me, telling me the same story. Why should they pay so much euro's extra compared with the US. It, the price difference is in no way justified.

So, now they will buy wintels, both with a total 7100 ( almost sure Compaqs ) in this case ( spread over six months ) . I do hear more of this kind of stories. If Marketing can count then he knows that if Companies buy a Mac that means 'one more Mac == one less Wintel" but also the opposite way. If they buy a wintel, they will kick out the same amount of replaced mac's plus at a later time the others ( leftover ). This calcs 'one new wintel == two less mac's'. It will take at least > 6 years to go back to Apple. After three years when they replace the current buy ( eol ), it means again one more wintel sold.

So I understands the 'why the market share goes down'. Even about the single buyers, Apple dont like them, they dont want them to buy mac's. Apple like to be difficult and proud.


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