Random thoughts: Google buys Firefox, ITMS to have games?

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I would like this thread to be a place where we can think of crazy/interesting ideas that may or may not come true and it does not have to be only about the topics I'm about to write about

Ok lets start, first:

1) Google buys Firefox --> I think this will really happen my reason? Well I read some where that Google already donates a LOT of money to Mozilla for Firefox not only this but Google from other reports I've read, is also jointly developing an anti-phising(sp?) software for the browser. Other things that lead me to believe this are, Google already includes Firefox in there essencial software package and they also promote Firefox on there page.

So in reality Firefox almost already belongs to Google, maybe in the next few months they'll make it official

And I think this would help Google compete even more directly with Microsoft and with all the money Google has I'm sure they could keep the browser going full steam ahead.

And yes I do think that even if google buys Firefox, it will still be open source (atleast I hope, I doubt that Mozilla would agree to anything else)

anyway here are some references:





And if more references are needed just google "Google and Firefox alliance"

Ok now on to the Second:

2) Games on ITMS --> Well I'm sure your thinking well this is very likely being able to download some neat games for an iPod is a smart move... but what if it's not for the iPod only?

What if Apple plans to create games for the Mac and sell them thru ITMS, this would be awesome if the games were good and fun... or this could also mean Apple is trying to get other developer to create or port games for the Mac but since everything is so hush-hush, I guess we will have to wait and see.

This might also explain why Apple has recently hired former LucasArts technical director Mike Lampell and there are plenty rumors of a secret game division at Apple. So who knows





(I'm still researching this so I'll post more info later with references)

Anyways what do you guys think of my theories? and theories have you guys had but have kept all bottled up inside


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    Haliburton stages a hostile takeover of Apple in order to re-engineer the RDF into a Patriotism Enhancement Ray.

    Bush's approval ratings return to 90+%
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    Originally posted by Darth_Apple

    Google already donates a LOT of money to Mozilla for Firefox

    Yeah. Actually, Google and donations are Firefox's sole source of revenue.

    Google buying them out doesn't make any sense.
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