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I have a PC I have to use for work without a monitor at home, they are both next to each other and networked. Does anyone know of a way I can use my iMac G5 to essentially act as a monitor/keyboard/mouse for that PC. I think Timbukto does this, if so could someone help me in the setup of that or other process.


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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Sounds like a VNC solution would work for you.

    I know nothing about PCs, but the basic idea is that you would install a VNC server on the PC (for example there is one called TightVNC and many others) and then something like Chicken of the VNC on the Mac. (

    This will allow you to control the PC's GUI from the Mac. If you install Bonjour for Windows on the PC, then Chicken of the VNC can discover the PC through Bonjour, and it is freeware.

    Apple Remote Desktop does the same thing but costs money. So does Timbuktu, and TImbuktu has a bizarre interface and installs stuff into the System areas.
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    berrismberrism Posts: 10member
    Thank you I appreciate the help
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