Noisy Powerbook Speakers

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a really loud noise coming out from the speaker near the ESC key. it sounds like a dying dolphin and it wont stop! The noise only stops when i turn my computer off or it is in sleep. but other than that its always there. does nyone know what this could be? it sounds really worrying.


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    furious_furious_ Posts: 88member
    do you or have you had a mic attached?

    and is it still there after you trun your speakers off?
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    no i just have the internal mic, and yea even when i mute the speakers the ongoing noise is still there.
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    furious_furious_ Posts: 88member
    try turning the mic off and see if that helps
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    nope it didnt do anything, none of the sound options changed anything. i have just found out that if i leave the power adapter off the noise goes after a short period of time, but then whenever a sound is bout to play it will start up again.
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    it seems to be a probelm with the actual speaker. i have just put in some headphones and they work fine, so mabe i should get some external speakers. also when i have just the laptop speakers working and i mute the speakers, after waiting for the noise to go away it does not come back on. so any ideas how to get it fixed?
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