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Hey guys!

I have been searching the web alot recently for some good software that allows you to organize songs, play em, do some scratches and transitions... without any good results. Basically I am looking for a semi sophisticated app for playing music at an event/party, which can do more than iTunes in terms of playback :-) Do you guys maybe know an application that could do such?

Thanks in advance!!!


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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    You can always try the iDJ mixer from Numark.

    Roxio Jam allows transistions.
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    Well, being a DJ, I am completely against this kind of software, but if you do want to play around with a program, you have a few options. One would be Pioneer SVJ-DL01. Not to bad, has a lot of options and is pretty stable (a lot of these "mixing" programs tend to crash cause they are so taxing on yor computer). Another one that works really well from what I have herd and read is Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio. Native Instruments makes nothing but top quality applications and plug-ins for production and remixing. If I were to pick one, it would definitly be Traktor, but it is pricey. I would guess the Pioneer application would be a little cheaper, but NI has the music software on lock these days. I would definitly check that one out. Hope I was some help.
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