"invalid sibling link" help! what does that mean?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

after my nightmare with microsoft office x font problem, now something's gone wrong with the hard drive. disk utility says "the volume macintosh hd needs to be repaired." so i started from the cd then tried to repair it, it said "macintosh hd cannot be read." when i tried to repair it with os x cd utility, it said "invalid sibling link." i called applecare, and he said, i should reinstall the os again. again? i just did that few weeks ago. i placed an order for norton system works 2, as local apple technical person suggested. until it arrives (if this can solve this problem... i would really hate to reinstall all the programs, etc. again...), i thought as always, someone on this forum can help me. help! have a great weekend!

p.s. i tried the system diagnostic cd, and all passed the test, including the hard drive.....


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