When will the MBP be updated???

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So, I was all set to go out and buy my new MBP 17", then this computer tech in my department says: "Don't be stupid. Macs are updating in July or August. Wait and buy the new one." That pretty much killed all of my confidence. Does anyone (apart from insiders at Apple) really know when updates will be? Is it ever even predictable with in a month?

Most importantly?

When should I buy?


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,548member
    A more decriptive title would be nice, so I don't feel like answering
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    I've changed the title of the thread to reflect the contents. Please be more descriptive in the future.
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    squiremsquirem Posts: 29member
    Sorry. I actually want to know about updates in general, MBP, MB, eMac, etc. Is there really any way to predict updates if you're not an insider?

    I know other people waiting for the next Mini or a smaller MBP with a new chip, but they don't particularly care WHEN. Then again they already have computers.

    I only have old dinosaurs at home (read early G3), so I'm currently limited to my work computer. I'm going to buy a MBP 17" and personally want advice on when I should take the plunge.
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    chris cuillachris cuilla Posts: 4,825member
    Ummm...I've got a call into Steve Jobs on there very question. I'll let you know when he calls back.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,548member

    Originally posted by SquireM

    Sorry.... I'm going to buy a MBP 17" and personally want advice on when I should take the plunge.

    You apologized, and people appreciate that here, so. Wait for the WWDC in early August for Steve's speech. If your buying a 17" MB Pro, cause I suspect he'll announce the Merom MB Pro. Which will be worth the wait!
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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    Agree with Ireland. At this point waiting another month or two makes sense. Intel is rushing new chips to market and a MBP refresh with Merom now looks likely in August. That's what I'm doing, although I will probably get the 15 in MBP.
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    gargar Posts: 1,201member
    Don't be dissapointed if it takes a couple of months longer for the Core2 Duo MBPs to arrive.
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