Need help installing Mac OSX after installing new HD

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Hey everyone! Switcher here! So far, I love my MacBook.

Ok, here's the question though! I just put in my brand new Seagate 120 GB Serial-ATA hard drive. When I put in the Mac OSX install disk 1, on the third step called "select a destination", nothing shows up there to choose, therefore, I cannot continue with the installation process. Now, the disk shows up in Disk Utilities though. Do I need to create a partition for it to show up and let me install? I'm sorry, I know NOTHING about the Mac OS X installation process..Plus, I don't want to move on with a partition and possibly do something I'm not supposed to do..Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!


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    Go to "Disk Utilities"...

    - select the new HD

    - FORMAT the disk (no need to partition unless you want to)

    - RESTART the computer with the Install DVD/CD in the drive.

    now, the intaller should see the new HD as a valid volume to install on.
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    Welcome aboard and enjoy the MB!
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