can i still get one

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even though the emac was moved to education only about a year back now. could i still buy one for myself from the apple online store, thanx


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    kitt123kitt123 Posts: 18member
    thanx but to be honest the emac is a bit out of date and lacks in the speed department (it has a g4 for petes sake!) so i have found a core duo mini with keyboard and mouse and a 17" TFT monitor for only £692. i think this is the mac that will soon join my collection, but just one question, what are the mac mini's speakers like? thanx
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    They aren't great. I think the powerbooks speakers are better. You can get decent speakers for cheap though.

    I'm got a core duo mini (in the kitchen) and a 1.42g4 as a network model, so those are the only models I have tested the speakers on.
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    kitt123kitt123 Posts: 18member
    oh right so they are basically laptop speakers shoehorned into a desktop haha, i have some 5.1 speakers gathering dust behind me so i reckon they will do
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    I actually think my mbp sounds better than it.
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