airport and windows on the mac

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I installed Windows on my Macbook --but am having difficulty in connecting to my Airport--it gets the signal but is looking for a WEP key--what is that and how do I find it?

It is not my password


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    WEP key is a networking password that you gave during the setup of your Airport, assuming that you are running an encrypted wireless network. Windows uses a bit different naming for different password types than mac does, but WEP key is definitely an universal name. If you don't know your WEP key, you should connect to your Airport thru cable and check/setup it from there. And last everyone should use WPA encryption to have proper security, WEP is very easily cracked.
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    Go into advanced setting (in windows) under the wireless network menu. Go to the wireless networks tab, add/edit your network and select the access/encryption method you are using.

    I would just use WPA. If you are, you would select WPA-PSK and then AES as the encryption.
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    sammicksammick Posts: 416member
    Changed the security on Airport to WPA it worked!!

    Thanks for the advice
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    Great! Mac's are a lot easier to configure via WEP with airports -- for some reason that don't force you to conform to the standards. But then why you try and set it up with windows you have a problem.

    Laptops that are more than 3 years old might not have WPA functionality on the wireless card, sometime you can just upgrade the drivers but other time not. It is a pain if someone comes over with an old laptop to use WPA, but other than that it is much better than WEP. Besides WEP was cracked years ago.
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