Microtech SCSI-to-USB adaptor- does 10.3 need drivers for this?

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Thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to shed some light on this.

I have a Microtech SCSI-to-USB adaptor that I'm trying to use to connect an A3 scanner (Linotype Circon- £8000 worth!).

When I start the Linotype software, the scanner make some initialisation noises. However, the software refuses to recognise that the scanner's there. I've tried this, both in Classic and Mac OS 9 natively. No Mac OS X version of the software exists.

Do I need the Microtech drivers? I hope not, as their site seems to be dead.

I know that this is a very obscure question, sorry, but any help would be much appreciated, x.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,202moderator
    There are a few OS X scanner software packages that work quite well. I've used VueScan with SCSI scanners before.

    This software seems to support Linotype:


    You can also get some Microtek scanner software here:


    but I don't know if it's generic.
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    Thanks for the links- really helpful.

    I think now that the problem may be that the Microtech scsi-usb adaptor needs some driver software- I have searched the web high and low for this to no avail.

    Various forum posts seem to suggest that I'm heading down a blind alley if I want a scanner to work with this kind of adaptor.

    I've installed Vuescan (which looks bloody good by the way) but still no joy- it says it can't find a scanner- it's definitely the adaptor.

    Thanks again for you post Marvin.
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