So I want to get a mac...

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I am going away studying abroad next semester and I am looking to buy a laptop. I haven't owned a mac since an LC II and am looking to get back in. I make and edit movies alot as a hobby but have to use a PC and Adobe Premiere which I am not to fond of compared to the times I used Final Cut Pro. I was looking at the Mac Book Pro, the 15.4 inch 2ghz inctel core duo. It has a firewire port and dvd burner, is this a good system to use for school and video editing? will the extra .16 ghz really be that noticeable, ie worth the extra 500 dollars or will the cheaper one be suffice?

Also I saw that Final Cut Pro is quite expensive and probably a bit too much for what I am going to use it for, how is Final Cut Express? Is it the same program without all of the add on programs like Motion etc?


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    It seems like the MBP should work for you quite nicely.

    When do you need to make your purchase by?

    The World Wide Developer Conference is in August 7-11, and while I think updated powerbooks might be kind of doubtful, you never know what they're going to pull out of the hat.

    If you want it now though, I say by all means go for it
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    I leave July 22nd so I don't think I can wait as I am going to Australia and I live in New Jersey. Thanks for the help.
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    That is the computer for you. For $500 more, it would be much more worth your while to jump to the 7200rpm hard drive and more ram.

    I have the 1.83 and love it .
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