about power mac DC temperture's

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is it okay to keep turned my PM on without air conditioner/AC in my room

cuz i always leave my PM to DL and leave it at home...

the CPU temperture can up to 44 celcius and the GPU can reach 63 celcius...without AC ...but with AC it always about 40 celcius for the CPU and 56 for the GPU ...im afraid the GPU will be toast..

is it okay to leave my MAC on up to 12 hours without AC...cuz if i turned my AC on every day it will be noisy..and raise up my electric bill...

what is the limit temperture... for powermac DC 2.0ghz i lived in indonesia...so its quite hot like singapore...


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    furious_furious_ Posts: 88member
    do what ever you feel is best 8)
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    The fans will take care of the temperature to keep it within spec. If the temperature exceeds the specs despite the fans being at max, the machine will shut down.
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    im-0nim-0n Posts: 47member
    is that so...? wow so i dont have to worry about it anymore ....cool...

    btw my AC is broken and wont turn on anymore...cuz i used it too much...

    cant sleep anymore....T T hot hot hot...

    i hate my country's wheater..jakarta is hot...damn!
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