Dead Pixels

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there is a thin red line down the side of my iMac G5 screen. From what i read im assuming these are dead pixels. Does anyone agree? if you do, do you know how i would deal with that?




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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    Not just dead pixels, but a broken connection to an entire line of pixels. If it is under warrantee Apple will replace that since it exceeded their "# of dead pixels" policy.

    Otherwise you will need a Soldering iron, magnifying glass, solder, thin wire, twine, two goats, and a life preserver to realize you should have bought a new screen to begin with.
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    mbg5mbg5 Posts: 36member

    i think ill go with your first suggestion.

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    tonton, lol.

    Send it in while it's still under warranty.
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    mbg5mbg5 Posts: 36member
    can i just bring it to a apple store?

    how much do you think it is?
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