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Hey I was wondering if there was a program I could get to send the videos I have on my computer to my xbox 360. I have Connect360 but that only does pictures and music. I have the whole RvB (Red vs Blue) collection on my Harddrive and I thought it would be kind of cool to see those on my tv.

So anyone know a program that does that? Or if there is just some way to do it without a program.


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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Put 'em on your iPod or an external hard drive and plug them into its USB port.
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    What iPod?...yes yes i know, I'm not a dedicated enough apple fan

    Also unfortunatly no external harddrive...and after buying my 20" iMac core duo I can't afford to buy any other new "toys."

    So does anyone know of an application that can share video's with the 360? I am already connected to it by the way (you could probably figure that one out though).
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    You can't move video over. You can only look at pictures and listen to music from an external drive, but no videos. And Connect360 only allows the 360 to access your iTunes and iPhoto, once again no movie support.
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