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I have this bizarre problem with AI. It's something new. I used to log-in, and post and that'd be end of story.

Now, not always, but often enough, I log in, and post. I then get a screen telling me I'm not logged in. So I have to repeat the process all over again. It's almost like I'm logging into 2 servers.

If AI wanted to discourage posting (are these boards too busy), it'd certainly be a good way to go about it. While I don't lose anything in the process, it takes extra time.

I know AI changed its look a while back. What I don't know is did they upgrade their SW too. I have this paranoia that it's related to 9/11 and security changes the gov't has required on bulletin boards.


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    Check the cookie settings in the web browser you're using.
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    ptrashptrash Posts: 296member

    Originally posted by audiopollution

    Check the cookie settings in the web browser you're using.

    The default setting on the browser is: accept cookies only from sites I navigate to. I tried an experiment. I opened the page in Firefox. Then I watched the browser (which was signed in) quickly redirect to another page, requiring another sign-in. Yeah, that could be it: the redirect isn't considered a voluntary navigation. Except that's always been my cookie setting. Again, I think it's something in our interaction.

    We should do a poll: how many people have similar problems, their browser settings and the software/hardware combos they're using.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    I can't duplicate your problem. My autologin is completely transparent.

    I have noticed the double-login on phpbb sites, but this site is not phpbb.

    No more political discussion please, or all of your posts will have to be deleted from the thread.

    Moving to General Discussion where others with login problems may see it.
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    dutch peardutch pear Posts: 588member

    1. I have no such problems

    2. Check you paranoia settings dude, something is definately wrong there
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Same here, no problems.

    And for god's sake man, keep it down... do you want to get us in trouble with THEM??
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    ptrashptrash Posts: 296member
    I tried somethng different. I logged in first. Usually, I see that I'm "logged in". I'm wondering if there's a bug in AI's SW, and in all of those cases when I was told I was "logged-in", I wasn't.

    To duplicate the problem you'd have to visit the site every few weeks--or days--, and not log out before leaving.

    Then come back, see that you're "logged in", and post. You'd get a message "Blah-blah, youu're not logged in", with the log-in window appearing. You'd log in, and get a message asking you where you want to go.

    That's the part that kills me. Instead of just accepting the post, the system pretends there is no "attempted posting history", and treats me like a newbie viewing the forum for the "first" time.

    Yesterday, I did this and couldn't even use the back button to re-generate the text I'd written for the topic. So I got motivated to try a different appoach.

    I expect that once I hit post, the message will take (it did on an earlier edit).
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    ptrashptrash Posts: 296member
    It worked! Now i'm leaving AI, and not logging out. If the problem gets duplicated when I come back to post again, we'll know the source, if not the actual cause.

    Shit, i shouldn't announce that. Some 15 year-old will get the bright idea of attempting to hack into AI as me, and do something really embarassing. (A word to the wise--that's oxymornic, a "wise" 15 year-old--"Don't bother.")
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    ptrashptrash Posts: 296member
    You know there's "OxyCottontail" . I think I'm going to adopt the tag, "OxyMoronic"
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