my father forgot his keychain password

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My father forgot his keychain password and I'm trying to help him either delete it resurrect it some how. I realize that the chances of resurrecting it are slim to nil because it's designed to be secure but is there a way to recreate a new one?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Unless he changed it, it's the same as his login password.
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    he changed it without remember what it is.
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    jccbinjccbin Posts: 476member
    There are two basic steps to fix this. The first helps you log in if you cannot.

    First, you can change the log-in passwordf by using the CD/DVD that came with the computer. Boot from the first install disk by holding down the "c" key. If you cannot get into the CD drive, reboot the computer and hold down the mouse button, the drive tray will open for you to insert the disc. If you have a slot-load disc drive, just slide the disc in.

    When the OS installer boots up, look up in the menu bar for a menu item that contains "reset password" or something like that. It is in different places, depending on what version of the OS you have. Follow the instructions to reset the log in password.

    Second, you need to delete the keychains themselves. You may have gotten a "the login password is different from the keychain password, blah, blah" dialog. Ignore it for the moment.

    There are two keychain files that need to be killed. Make sure NO applications are running.

    First, open up the user's home folder. The open the Library folder. Inside there is a folder called keychains. Open that and move the contents to the trash. Do not delete, yet.

    Next, open the Hard Disk and open the Library folder inside of it. Again, there is another Keychains folder. Open it and move the contents to the trash. Don't delete yet.

    Immediately restart the computer. Your keychains are gone. You'll need to recreate them as necessary. IF everything appears to be functional, empty the trash in a day or so.

    Hope this helps.
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