Parallels and Games

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I downloaded and installed Parallels, and am now running it under a 15-day trial license key. It seems to work well except for the only real reason I installed it: Windows games.

I tried installing and running five games tonight, none of which will run. The first was due to a lack of an ATI driver that I was not able to install. The last two were due to "Please insert the correct CD-ROM" messages, despite the fact that I had in fact inserted the proper gaming (as opposed to install) CD.

For most games, the install worked easily enough and there are no problems.

One game wouldn't even recognize the CD upon install. The other failed silently when I tried to run it.

These are older games (2000-2004) with modest hardware requirements, such as:

Jedi Academy


Max Payne

Hitman 2

Red Alert 2

What I'm probably learning the hard way is that a Windows emulation layer is probably not the best way to run games

I know many of you will tell me that I should run Boot Camp instead. I have some concerns about Boot Camp:

1) It's beta and not officially supported by Apple.

2) Since it has direct access to all of my hardware, there's a greater risk that the XP installation could wreck my system.

3) I want a standalone installation that is cut off from my network and the internet. With Boot Camp, there are less reliable options for cutting off my XP installation from going online.

If you wish to convince me otherwise by addressing my three concerns, feel free to give it a shot


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    akacakac Posts: 510member
    Parallels can't do games because while it is a virtualization of the CPU and emulation of the rest of the system - its that emulation that kills games. The games see a VGA driver with no graphics acceleration at all. No Direct3D. No OpenGL.

    CPU speed will be within 1% of BootCamp, but video is not. For productivity - its awesome. For Games, BootCamp is your only choice.
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