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I don't mean to troll, but is there any reason iTunes or any other commercial download service should not offer a guaranteed replacement download in case of a loss due to:

1) Harddrive failure

2) Accidentally deleting your files

3) File corruption


My suspicion is that the reason iTunes doesn't offer this is due to RIAA insistence, as opposed to Apple's iniative.

Still, I see no reason why some system of properly documenting a user's downloads and providing a replacement copy to that user should not be required by law, since the RIAA can't be trusted to do this voluntarily.


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    skatmanskatman Posts: 609member
    Because RIAA ownes more congressmen than people like you and me. Remember that US congress is the best congress money can buy!
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    Gotta love the RIAA and the USA, I wonder if we all emailed Steve Jobs asking for his help to allow us to have a replacement copyav available. he could make it happen? We would be sure to have to say pretty please . Im serious about it to, I lost my entire 1st season of Lost downloads and I was upset grr.
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