Microsoft Robotics Studio, "Robot-building software kit"

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Heres the story:


Microsoft sees future in robots

Software giant Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT - news) sees the future and it is robots.

The Seattle-based company on Tuesday previewed a set of new software tools that aims to give developers a simpler way to design robots and to create and test programs that operate a wide range of machines -- from toys to floor sweepers to those used in factory production lines.

"We believe this is a key part of the future of computing," said Microsoft Robotics Group general manager Tandy Trower, who called robots the next evolution of the personal computer.

While the fragmented robotics market is now in its infancy, Trower said forecasts call for the industry to grow into a multibillion-dollar market in the next five to 10 years.

The group's first product, called Microsoft Robotics Studio, is designed for hobbyists, students or commercial developers, who have had to reinvent the wheel each time they use different hardware to build a robot.

"It's all about making it easy for everyone from beginners to advanced developers," Trower said.

Trower said the new software is meant to bootstrap the robotics industry much in the way that Microsoft's operating system helped get the personal computer industry going.

Microsoft is offering a free technical preview for download at the company's Web site. It has not set a release date or price for the final version of the product.

This is the first time I wish/hope that Apple will take a page out of Microsofts book \

I'm a huge fan of robotics and I think this is a great idea, Microsoft finally did something that I would really enjoy but the only problem is will they port it for are Macs? I really dought it and I really don't want to use boot camp, so I guess I'm stuck with using Parallels. (which I wouldn't like using either)

But as the article says the robotic industry will keep growing and will be a multi billion dollar market, so it would make alot of sense if Apple also released a similar robotic developer kit for Mac.

But if Apple doesn't do this, are there any third party developers who currently have a kit like this or could possible create one?

Opinions guys and gals!?

[EDIT]: Well it seems I have found one kit,

I will definitly be following the development of this kit very closely

Anyway heres the story from MacWorld:


Mac-compatible Lego Mindstorms goes open source

By Peter Cohen

The Lego Group on Monday announced that it is releasing as open source the firmware for its newest Lego Mindstorms microprocessor. What?s more, the company plans to release software, hardware and bluetooth developer kits when it debuts its Mac-compatible Lego Mindstorms NXT kit in August, 2006.

Developed around the Lego Group?s legendary building block toys, Mindstorms is Lego?s robotics technology. You can build robots, then program them using a computer interface to do what you want. Features of the new Mindstorms NXT kit, which includes 571 pieces, include ultrasonic, sound, light and touch sensors, three interactive servo motors, Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Mac and PC compatibility is being provided by bundled LabVIEW software developed by National Instruments. It features 18 different robotics building exercises and programming challenges.

The software developer kit will include the specification on the NXT driver interface and will include tools for creating third-party programming environments, according to The Lego Group. The hardware developer kit will provide the schematics for the NXT?s 6-wire digital connector system. And the Bluetooth developer kit will detail the NXT microprocessor?s embedded Bluetooth protocol.

Look for Lego Mindstorms NXT to hit retailers in August for $249.99. A special academic version is anticipated for release this year. System requirements call for a G3, G4 or G5/600MHz or faster, Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later, 256MB RAM, 300MB hard disk space, 1024 x 768 resolution, available USB port, CD-ROM drive, and optional Bluetooth adapter.


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    I can see a ton of high schools buying this if nobody else.
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    This is obviously an attempt to complete Vista sometime in our lifetime. Humans have so far failed to get it done.
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