Mac Vs. Windows formatted iPod... pros and cons.

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
The obvious pro of having a Fat32 formatted iPod is that it can be used as a drive across both platforms, transferring files between my Win machine at work and my Mac at home, etc. That's why I ended up reformatting my iPod at work with the Windows installer.

Unfortunately, there was a huge drawback...

"OK to Disconnect"

I can no longer charge my iPod on any computer's Firewire port and have access to the iPod playback functions at the same time. Before I reformatted it for Win, I would sync, "eject", then could play my music from the iPod directly to my speakers as it charged from my FireWire port. Now, I get the "OK to Disconnect" sign and cannot do anything at all with the iPod until I disconnect it. What's that all about? Especially since my original wall charger died. I have no way to listen to the iPod anymore while it charges... no way at all...

Now that's just stupid.

Any other "issues" with a Win formatted iPod? Any difference in battery life? Oh... the other thing I hate is the damn all caps... "IPOD". It's ugly as sin to see that on my otherwise beautiful Mac Desktop.
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