The Missing Sync for Sony PSP v1.0 - Is This A Good Thing?

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I dunno if this belongs in the iPod + iTunes category or not so go ahead and move it if you feel the need.

I was thinking, won't having this be available for the Mac possibly harm iPod sales? I know the reason the iPod is so amazing is because you can fit in just about any pocket but come on, that's not the only appeal.

Any thoughts on this?

The Missing Sync for Sony PSP v1.0


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    I doubt it. The PSP is a nice device, yes ?_but it can't hold nearly as many songs as an iPod (except perhaps the Shuffle) without paying a lot more. It's a tradeoff.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    1: You've been able to put music on your PSP easily since when the damned thing came out, there's been a little industry of music-transfer utilities. 2: The thing is freaking huge. It is a big, big item I'd say two or three times the volume of a video iPod. 3: Its capacity sucks. It maxes out at four gigs, and at that point you could have a) bought a nano for less money that's teeny weeny and fits in your pocket or b) bought an iPod video with seven times the storage.
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    hanenthanent Posts: 19member
    I just can't understand people using PSP as a music player.

    PSP is meant to be a game player, not music..

    Why would anyone want to listen to music on PSP when you could have hundreds of songs on an iPod with great sound..
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    The only reason I wouldn't use a PSP is how goddamned giant the thing is.
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