Quirks with CS2 on Intel

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Anybody else noticed that when you type in a value, for instance 20mm, Illustrator or InDesign changes it to 19.999999999999999999mm?

The same thing happens with the page size dialog.

I'm not moaning about something being a millionth of a millimeter out, but if I want it at 20mm, then I want it at 20mm ? not something close. It's also a real pain in the tits when you have to scroll through all the numbers in a value box.

This only seems to affect Intel machines, I haven't seen it on a G5 yet.

Anybody else noticed this (or any other quirks)?


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    cory bauercory bauer Posts: 1,286member

    Originally posted by Messiah

    Anybody else noticed this (or any other quirks)?

    Yeah, I noticed weird values showing up as well. I think I also saw zero showing up as -0 in some cases. I've had a few crashes too, mostly while trying to switch from Photoshop to Illustrator or vise versa.
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