Deleting 'Original' Copies of songs...

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Okay, I moved most of my music over from my PC to my iMac.

I took all the music in these folders and placed them inside iTunes.

When i do that, does iTunes make a copy of the mp3 INTO the iTunes folder?

In this case, is it possible just to delete the mp3s that I originally dragged into iTunes because iTunes have a copy inside the iTunes folder it duplicated when I moved it into (drag and drop) iTunes?

Thanks for any help you guys!


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    if you have the iTunes preferences "copy files to itunes music folder" checked, in menubar>iTunes>preferences>advanced>GENERAL tab. Then iTunes will copy whatever you drop, or import into its own folders. Then you can trash the original.

    It really is the best way to go IMO. Keeps things neat and tidy 8^)
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