Comic Photo Software From Apple?

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I think I'm going crazy...

At one of the last few Apple product rollouts didn't Steve do some kind of demo of 'fun photo' software and said it was bundled with the iMacs maybe. At the time it was a total ho-hum announcement for me so I didn't think twice about it but now I might have a use for it....

Am I pulling this memory out of thin are or does anyone else remember it too and if so and more importantly what was/is the softwares name..

Here a my VERY vague memories...

- Supported 'sticker' printing?

- Turned photos into 'comic looking' photos?

I dunno but I could have sworn this was a REAL event.


It's "Photo Booth " as soon as I thought about it I remembered it was announced with the 1st iMacs to have built in iSights and then google did the rest.


What's even more amazing is how HARD it was to find this out (okay not that hard but still) oh and on top of that the fact that Apple's web site has NO dedicated web page for the software and anywhere I could find a page that contained the words 'Photo Booth ' it said very little about exactly what the software does (other than Apple thinks its 'fun').

Strange, very strange...



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    The software is called Comic Life but it's not by apple, but they bundle a trial.
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