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Currently I have 1 ghtz Pc with windows xp installed, I hope to be getting the superdrive imac late this summer after jaguar is out. I do alot of video editing, but i know a powermac is not coming my way. One of my friends has offered me a free copy of avid express. Is it a good program. Can I just keep my annoying Pc and save myself alot of money? or should i still buy the mac? is avid really worth installing on my pc at all?



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    squashsquash Posts: 332member
    For your pc and a mac avid is a nice program. Although if you get a mac...Final Cut Pro is a must. Anything is a worth a try that's free. Remember most of the better video apps have a fairly high learning curve to really utilize their power.
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    avid XPress is a step below their Media Composer systems. It includes a bunch of PCI cards too. You may be reffering to XPress DV, which which case, you only need a FireWire card. Either way, if you do a lot of editing, then you're just going to like the XPress system better than your other options. I mean, it's Avid. So if you got one for free, more power to you. Buy a second monitor for it, and an NTSC studio monitor.
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    So if a don't have firewire on my pc i can't use Xpress dv for either my hi8(coming of a converter box ) or my digital camcorder? Is there anyway to use USB? I should still get the mac then, what is the big different between finalcutpro and avid?
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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    Avid XPress DV supports video in and out through the FireWire port, since that has become synonymous with "DV". USB doesn't have the bandwidh to do it. Final Cut Pro supports one of the TARGA cards, I believe Matrox has a supported card with a breakout box with analog in/out's that is supported by FCP as well.

    In determining which would be better, what kind of work are you doing to be doing? Final Cut Pro will give you more bang for the buck... you can move up to doing film, 24p and HDTV work with the CineTools option... to get that with Avid, you've got to buy an XPress system with the film option, and you don't have that kind of money

    Major differences? I haven't played with FCP a *lot*, but it is by no means an Avid. I own an older Media Composer system, which has video cards that support Component and Composite video in/out, has better deck control than FCP, and personally, I find editing on an Avid and organizing my projects to be an incredibly pleasurable experience. The hours I've put on a FCP system made me really miss my Avid

    If you're going to be getting into the industry, you're going to want to learn to cut on an Avid at some point. FCP isn't bad by any means, it's a nice piece of kit.. but someone is waving a free copy of XPress DV in your face, so I'd take it. FireWire cards are really cheap these days, it's a minute investment on your part.
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