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Hello there,

Just a quick question. Is it necessary to have both slots filled with the same amount of memory (RAM) ? Someone told me that the macbook will work faster if the slots are equally memory matched. So if I want to upgrade my Macbook white 2.0 512 RAM to 1 GB RAM I would have to buy two 512 RAM to fill both slots equally. But og course I'd rather buy 1GB RAM and fill one slot with it and stay with 1.256 RAM. It's less expensive and I get more RAM.


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    joeyjoey Posts: 236member
    In order to take advantage of dual channel memory in the MacBook, both slots must be filled with the same capacity memory modules.
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    sandausandau Posts: 1,230member
    the real world tests have shown differently. I've seen several comparisons and speed tests showing more ram is better than less matched ram. I also recall something about the macbook integrated video card not having something important enabled by intel which makes the dual channel worthwhile.

    i've been searching again to find this article, someone else help me out here!
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