Why won't this MacBook detect a new HD?

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I just ordered a MacBook hard drive from NewEgg and it came today. I exchanged the faulty hard drive in my MacBook for this new one, and for some reason the destination volume isn't showing up on the MacBook.

Did I get a faulty hard drive from NewEgg or could the issue with the computer be something besides a faulty hard drive?


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    o4blackwrxo4blackwrx Posts: 383member
    Just a question but after you installed the HD and booted to the Orginial Disks that came with the MacBook did you format the drive not Mac OS Journaled? If not go to the welcome screen of the installation disks (after you select your languge) go to Utilities -> Disk Utility -> Select the HD and then go to Format. After that you may have to restart to the CD again for it to show up in the destination drive window.
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    LOL, I'm blind and didn't notice the utility menu on the top part of the screen.

    Installation is going smoothly now, thanks!
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