Aluminum PB G4 17" problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
next thing I know there's no video on the screen.

the light on the power cord is out. I unplug then plug it in and it turns green then yellow then after a little bit it goes out.

the battery, which was charged near full is now out. I hit the buton and it blink a few times before going out.

I take the PB home and plug it in, the green light shows and stays.

I turn the PB on and it sounds like it's starting up but then something that sounds like a loud fan is making noise in the back...

Still no video. No boot...

What TF happened????


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    o-maco-mac Posts: 777member
    no one's got an answer?? insane...hahahahahaa
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    Originally posted by O-Mac

    no one's got an answer?? insane...hahahahahaa

    I don't have an particularly good answer, as I've never experienced something like that. You could, however, try the following:

    I've also moved your post to the Genius Bar which is where you should be asking for help.
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    o-maco-mac Posts: 777member
    thanks for moving this to the genuis bar.

    I took my PB to the genius bar at the apple store nearby (it was about a 45 min drive) and didnt realize that you had to make an appointment. need less to say, they were all booked up and were closing the genius bar in a half hour.

    I was hot....hahahahaha....

    So I ended up calling apples tech support and i'm going to send them the PB to have it looked at...

    It hasn't even been a year yet....
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