WC3 on a Ti 400/RageMobility?

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hey, does anyone know if I'll be able to run WC3 on my comp? I have a Ti Book G4 400 with a Rage Mobility (I think). I'm not totally sure but I think the built in 3d card only has 8 megs of ram, and the box says that WC3 needs 16 for a mac (8 for a PC. . . weird). With that issue as the only bottleneck, I was hoping someone could tell me if they tried it on a similar machine and got it to work, before I fork over my moola.



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    Though I haven't experienced it first hand, I've read a number of success stories with 8mb cards. Check the forums on <a href="http://www.macgamer.com."; target="_blank">www.macgamer.com.</a>

    You should be fine, if you can accept that you'll be running it with just about no eyecandy whatsoever.

    Just a reminder, too (I found this out the hard way). Warcraft III may look great at lower resolutions on a CRT monitor, but on a flatscreen, you really need to run it at the optimum resolution for the screen. As I'm sure you know, the LCD artificially doubles and merges pixels to create the effect of a lower resolution. While it plays faster, it's really blurry - so much so that at times it's hard to tell the units apart.

    So, the crappy thing is, when playing on a laptop, resolution (which is the most VRAM intensive aspect of the game) becomes your biggest priority (or at least it did for me). So you turn just about everything off just for to have that high res., which you might not care about on a different screen.

    However - great game. Read the other posts, get a sense of people's experience, though.
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