Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 1

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If anyones interested you can download it here

And heres an article if anyones interested in reading more information:


Yahoo! Messenger Reinvents its Mac IM Software

Mac Users Will Enjoy an Entirely New IM Service with a Sleek User

Interface, Avatars, Custom Stealth Settings, and More

Sunnyvale, CA - June 29, 2006 - Yahoo! today introduced a new beta of

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac users. Demonstrating a renewed commitment to

providing a high-quality Mac Instant Messaging (IM) experience, the new

software boasts an all new interface designed specifically for the Mac OS X

operating system.

?We have developed an entirely new Yahoo! Messenger for Mac from the ground

up using the latest technologies and offering innovative features such as

Avatars, custom stealth settings and webcam support,? stated Jeff Bonforte,

senior director, Real Time Communication, Yahoo!, Inc.

?As an avid Mac user, I am focused on enhancing Yahoo! Messenger?s Mac

client and I am excited to deliver a fresh new beta software to fellow Mac

users,? stated Matthew Skyrm, director of product management, Yahoo!


Leveraging innovative technologies, the initial beta of Yahoo! Messenger

for Mac delivers the following features and will continue to be enhanced

with additional features over the coming months.

* Entirely new user interface written in Cocoa designed specifically for

the Mac OS X operating system

* Yahoo! Avatars and Display Images

* Custom stealth settings

* Webcam support, compatible across PCs and Macs

* Custom Status messages, including links to music tracks

* Animated sign-in, sign-out, and contact list

* All new sound effects

* Visual notifications with support for the Growl global notification system

* Alerts for Yahoo! Calendar, Mail and Personals

* Coming soon: In the future, support for interoperability with Windows

Live =81 (MSN) Messenger

The beta of Yahoo! Messenger for the Mac will be introduced to U.S. users

today and will roll-out on a phased bases to international markets in the

future. The new beta for Yahoo! Messenger for Mac can be downloaded at: and

Thanks to Mactech news for the heads up

My first impresions:

I just downloaded the IM and I must say it looks quite simple and elegant, I haven't used it much and don't anyone who uses but theres plenty of people who do so it shouldn't be to hard to meet some one with Yahoo! IM. Plus in the future I will be able to talk with people who use MSN "Coming soon: IM with friends that use Windows Live? (MSN) Messenger"

I will be back later with more info on my personal experience using Yahoo! IM


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    flounderflounder Posts: 2,674member
    does the web cam feature work?
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    Originally posted by Flounder

    does the web cam feature work?

    Yes it does, but it seems to lag a bit, perhaps it's my internet connection?

    I'll try it out some more and let you know if I learn anything else.

    Oh and remember this is a "BETA", so it will have bugs but so far it has been really stable
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    tilttilt Posts: 396member
    The main question for me would be: Does it do voice chat? The Windows client does voice chat. I do not care much about video, voice is what is important to me. If I still have to type out my messages, having someone watch me type is not really exciting

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    Any screenshots before I download this?
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    cosmos 1999cosmos 1999 Posts: 149member

    Originally posted by blackbird_1.0

    Any screenshots before I download this?

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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    This blog post has screenshots and a comparison.
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    artanisartanis Posts: 156member
    Does someone know where does this yahoo mess 3 beta is keeping his logs and stuff?
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