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Hey guys, I just bought a razr phone that can play mp3s, and I wondered if anyone knew how to get some mp3s on there from my computer. I know I cant use itunes, but I wondered if anyone knew how to do like a drag and drop thing with some mp3s that I wanted on there, almost like treating it as a flash drive. So far I haven?t been able to do it, has anyone else tried?


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    You have to use the BlueTooth file exchange utility.
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    mmbarthezmmbarthez Posts: 40member
    I dont have bluetooth, and the cellphone has this sdmirco slot, but i am not sure what format music to put on there. Any suggestions?
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    You don't have bluetooth on your phone or computer? Do you have the ability to sync data to the phone?
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    mmbarthezmmbarthez Posts: 40member
    No blue tooth on the computer, syncing only updates only my contacts, and in many cases doesnt actually work.
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    I created a bunch of 20 sec mp3's to give my RAZR a "Buffett" theme ...

    transfered them via Bluetooth... when you "view" the phone there are folders for music, photos, movies...

    As for a lack of BT, ... the charger plugs into what APPEARS to be a mini-USB plug... I haven't tried plugging the phone into a USB port on the computer, but it might be worth a try ... if that works, I'd expect it to show up as a drive in the Finder.
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    mmbarthezmmbarthez Posts: 40member
    Nope, there is no drive, that is what i was thinking too, i think i need to have something enable to get that going. But of course motorola and everyone else doesnt want that to happen. So as of right now, i am going to need to get a small sd micro drive and try that, it hink that is cheaper then a bluetooth card.
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