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Weird.. if the MacBook is on a hard desk, the whole thing is vibrating. If you push on it, it stops but the minute you lift up, it starts thrumming again.

If you take 3 sheets of paper, and place it underneath the foot on the right front (screen & keyboard facing you) the vibration stops completely.

This is bizarre to say the least considering how thin paper is. Is there something I can adjust internally so I don't have to do the 'paper trick'? I experimented with putting a business card inside the battery compartment to see if that would do anything but no so I had to remove the paper. The paper has to be under the right front foot.


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    hardeeharharhardeeharhar Posts: 4,841member
    Your feet are unaligned, the hard drive is probably spinning (or the fans) causing slight vibrations in the case, which when amplified make it look like your macbook is vibrating.

    Such twisting of the case is due to common use, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Don't worry about it. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, and nothing is wrong.
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    I just bought a black C2D Macbook and I get the same problem with vibration. The vibration goes away if:

    - Mackbook is on my lap

    - I put a magazine or towel between the Macbook and the desk

    OR (the weird one that fits your description):

    If I place 3 to 5 small pieces of papers between the macbook and the desk on the right side (I would say anywhere between the DELETE and SHIFT key on the right side). This really reduces the vibration although if I listen close I still can hear some humming. To eliminate the humming I can lightly press the bottom right corner of the Mackbook towards the desk and is gone).

    I tried placing the papers on bottom right foot but it wont help in my case. I also tightened al the screws I could access but no change.

    This is frustrating but I don't want to return the Laptop just because of this. This seems to be a design issue that could be easily solved with some rubber supports placed internally at the right spot.
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