MacBook Speaker Volume: any hacks to increase it?

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I know the issue of the MacBook speaker volume have been discussed elsewhere, but I was wondering if there are any system hacks/applications that can increase the maximum volume?

I don't really use the internal speakers for anything other than system sounds and listening to web-content -- flash videos, youtube, etc. (In other words, if I want to listen to iTunes or a DVD, I'll use headphones or eternal speakers).

The max volume is just *barely* loud enough unless there is absolutely no ambient sound in the room...


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    mattyjmattyj Posts: 898member
    Try upping the volume on VLC player, gets louder volume from speakers than any other media playing application I've used (up to 400% volume). Get it here

    Aside from that I don't know anything that will up the volume, you could try using Volume Logic this iTunes plug-in pumps out more volume due to the amplification it uses.

    I don't know of any hacks as such, sorry.
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    argeliusargelius Posts: 309member
    Thanks for your help!
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    marc5marc5 Posts: 8member
    try audio hijack, you can increase the gain for any app within the os. even the system sounds.
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    Here´s a thought:

    Why should I have to pay for an ADD-ON to get the audio levels back to what they were before Apple decided to take that control away from us and limit the audio output? I switched to MAC from Windows because they didn´t force you to spend extra money to do what the OS should do in the first place. For Apple to have limited the audio to the internal speakers with no option for an override flies in the face of what the MAC community is all about! How about a mass push to get the Oracles on High at Apple, to reverse their "fix" or at least provide a way to override it.
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    Have been searching for an option to boost the volume on my mac too, just happen to run into this app called Boom, seems to have won at the Macworld too. It's incredible at boosting the volume, quite simple than the other over priced softwares, try it.
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