Cinema Display is flaring my colours!

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Hey all.

I am working here on an artists friends Mac Terminal, and his Cinema display is a gorgeous beast, but it seemed to be too bright!!! So i ran the colour sync calibration. Now it looks better.


It still seems ot be flaring the top end of the colour spectrum. So the highlights of flesh tones for example are totally BLOWN! I have run the colour sync utility a couple more times, and to no effect (well the rest of the spectrum got fleshed out a little better, but not the high end). So i am left wondering:

Is there some other calibration utility that i should be using?

Is this a hardware issue?

Is this an "aging monitor" issue?

I am baffled.


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    endymionendymion Posts: 375member
    Double check System Preferences-->Universal Access and make sure Enhance contrast is set to Normal.

    Unfortunately this can be engaged by a keyboard command which Apple as on by default. You can turn them off via System Preference-->Keyboard & Mouse-->Keyboard Shortcuts
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    Yep, it was cranked like half way up!

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