AI signup difficulties/gas leak

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A friend of mine tried joining AI, and used the wrong email address. Well, she didn't quite use the wrong one--she's stuck in never never land between and

What should she do? she can't re-register with the ID she wants, cause the ID is now "in-use."

BTW, this friend has a farting machine that works on remote control. It goes off sometimes when my roommate isn't "farting" to her.

Anyone know if my Airport set up might contribute to this?

Oh, I just got an answer. I've lost my Airport connection. I'll have to post this later.


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    Oh, a postscript on the my airport. It came back on. (I don't know when.)

    This is the funny part. When I came home last night around midnite there was Con-ed truck out front, siren flashing, in the next block. A crew had opened a manhole, and was busy doing something.

    Two hours later my roommate complained about all the truck noise--this was 2 am. I looked out front: there were three trucks out there--no make that four--starting on the next block, and up to mine. (Now they're all gone.)

    I'm thinking they're the ones who triggered the farting machine--with one of their gas sniffers, no less! Or maybe their wireless communications devices, or laptops. (If it was a big enough problem to eventually require 4 trucks, it likely started in the afternoon.)

    PS Con-ed doesn't do gas. My fantasy: the gas co--forget their name, some huge int'l conglomerate--came in the afternoon to check out a "leak". Didn't find anything, but saw some arcing wires, and called in the "reinforcements". It explains the mysterious "farting", the "airport" delays and why all is fine this July 4 am--in time for tonight's fireworks!
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