Mac Mini Car Install -- Keyboard/Trackpad Suggestions

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A lot of your saw and helped with my kitchen mac mini install, I appreciate all the nice comments and great help I received.

I have now moved on to my car. I have purchased a mount that with work in my pathfinder, and a p1900/macpac car power supply for the mini. I will heading to CompUSA (no apple store here) to pick a dual core mac mini.

I already had a 7" pioneer DVD player with an extra input and had an extra ip-bus passthrough audio input. I don't need touchscreen, my finger don't so well on my treo much less the mac os.

I have two questions/problems that I think you wonderful people might be able to help me with.

The mini is going in a back compartment of my suv, obviously the remote would work. I have seen those pyramid IR to RF and RF to IR units, but are there any other solutions.

I would like to get a wireless (bluetooth preferred, but not needed) keyboard with a builtin trackpad for mac. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!



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    pmjoepmjoe Posts: 565member
    Will Front Row work with a touch screen? If it was me, I'd be tempted to go that route, but it sounds like you already have your display set up. I'd want something with at least a VGA hook up and resolution.

    Anyhow, with a Google search, looks like Adesso has one (not Bluetooth):

    You could also get a separate wired trackpad and mount it to the dash, depending on how you want to use it.

    Have fun.
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    londorlondor Posts: 257member

    Originally posted by jpennington

    I would like to get a wireless (bluetooth preferred, but not needed) keyboard with a builtin trackpad for mac. Any ideas?

    Have you considered a bluetooth trackball instead of the trackpad? I always thought of the trackball as the best solution for a car.
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    jpenningtonjpennington Posts: 476member
    The install if going good. I actually went with a vga touchscreen.

    I will take pictures when complete.
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    pmjoepmjoe Posts: 565member
    Motion Computing also has a "Wireless Keyboard" they list as an accessory for their tablets. It says that it's Bluetooth and has a small roller-ball pointer control built-in. You'd probably want to ask them if it'd work OK with a Mac.

    Motion Computing - Tablet Computer Accessories
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