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I have a problème with the P2P software Azureus

When i try to lauch it, it appears in the dock and bounce 2 or 3 seconds and then desapear !?!

Does anyone could help me with it...

(The .dmg of Azureus I downloaded works on another Mac)


(iMac Intel Duo-Core)


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    endymionendymion Posts: 375member
    Try the intel version.
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    Thanks it works !

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    technarchtechnarch Posts: 36member
    You may also wish to follow the instructions on the same page that you got Azureus from and update your installed copy with the latest 3.2r7 SWT libraries from Eclipse, and the latest Azureus beta from their CVS page. Doing so will fix a minor graphics glitch I have noticed.

    It's pretty easy to work with. Just right click on the app and select 'show package contents' and you can just move stuff in and out.

    I like Azureus's power, but one thing I don't like is that on a 1 gig machine, it&Java will eat up all the free ram and then start paging out. I wonder if it eats up all the ram on a 2 gig machine too.
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    endymionendymion Posts: 375member
    Azureus usually hovers in the 160-170 MB range for memory usage for me. Do you have a very large amount of torrents running and plugins installed? That could raise things quite a bit.
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    Well, the 'real' memory used isn't too bad, even if the 'virtual' size is large.

    The real problem is when you're watching activity monitor and see both 'free ram' disappearing, and 'inactive ram' climbing.. what ends up happening is once the free ram is gone to inactive, then the system starts paging out.

    I feel the inactive ram should be released and in fact, running a game and exiting it was able to cause a release of the tied up ram.

    Edit: I discovered that part of the paging out, was the web browser sucking up ram too with multiple tabs open. Clearly for OS X, you need 2 gigs of ram to be 'comfortable'.

    Edit 2: Ok I've learned that memory in OS X is handled differently than Windows, etc. And inactive (acts like a cache) full and 0 free ram available is ok. What you don't want to see is too much paging out.
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    guinessguiness Posts: 31member
    I've switched to Transmission which is much lighter on memory consumption (currently ~20MB for me with one torrent runnning) and has a pretty decent feature set and is a Universal App. As long as you don't require many of the advanced features of Azureus, I would highly recommend it.
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    what 'advanced features' does azureus provide? i'm on the hunt for a p2p program and it seems lots of people love using azureus and recommend it.
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    A feature I use often, is the ability to select individual files in a torrent, and skip all the rest.

    Transmission can't do this. Can only get the entire torrent, that's why I have to use Azureus on the Mac.
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