Installing Tiger on non-DVD G3

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Howdy all,

My sis-in-law inherited my old G3 dual-533 some time back. It's actually a nice setup with 2GB ram, 2 internal HDs, 64MB vid card, etc.

Last weekend she wanted me to install Tiger on it and realized after the disc ejected that the machine only has a CD-RW drive, not a DVD. Next day, I brought my laptop and external Firewire Drive, made an image of the Tiger DVD, tried target mode with laptop and a few other tricks and still couldn't install.

Other than putting a DVD drive in the G3 (which is a bit overkill for what she does on the Mac), is there any other way for me to install Tiger on this G3? I've considered pulling one of the internal drives out, putting it in my G5 and then installing that way, but I'd like to have a simpler solution if possible.

Thanks for any ideas/advice!


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    Make a 4GB partition on the G3 copy the DVD there and start from this partition, then install to the main partition.

    I did it once and it works wonderful.

    Complete description somewhere on OSXhints or something.
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