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Hey guys,

I received a strange mail to my hotmail account. It was a zip with a "unix executable" file on it.

Its name is data.hta

Theres the remote chance is a virus or something that will launch or execute arbitrary thing son my comp ?

If anybody can help with this will be very apreciated.

Thx for your time.


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    hardeeharharhardeeharhar Posts: 4,841member
    Um. Did you receive it from someone who you know, and was that person supposed to send you a file?

    If not, just delete the damned thing...
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    The mail tittle is "[email protected]"

    Its not logic that yahoo send something to my hotmail account instead the yahoo one I have.

    I already know that this could be something bad, what it drew my attention its the fact the kind of file the info told me it was "unix executable file"

    Since we dont have any virus, at least recently I was hoping to find if this is indeed is a malicious code or not.

    I saw in february with the 2 attempts of arbitrary coding that the comunity was very interested in know what it did and spread the voice about it.

    Do u think Symantec people will be interested on reverse this file? and how I contact them?

    Thx for the reply
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    lol, forgot to post what the mail says!


    You have received Secure Mail

    To read the message open attached file.

    User ID: 40596

    Password: f9ca4399

    Keep your password in a safe place.

    Thank you,

    Protected E-mail Service,



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    kinda strange eh.....
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    mikefmikef Posts: 697member

    Originally posted by plokoonpma

    kinda strange eh.....

    Nope, not strange at all... it's spam. I'm not sure why you needed to make a thread about it.
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    plokoonpmaplokoonpma Posts: 262member
    Just spam ?

    well, if u dont thinks its important....

    Is the first time I come here to ask for info about, I usually trash all spam, but since this mail had an attachement with a unix file i was curious.

    If u think this post takes space or time here, pls tell an admin and just delete.

    I Wont spend my time again trying to figure out something it could be benefic for mac comunity. As me theres a lot of people that dont know everything about macs and could be nice to know what this kind of file can do to your comp. That way all can avoid it.

    have a good day.
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