10.4.7 busted VPN

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Hiya folks, hoping someone has a fix for this..

I have two machines I VPN (ptpp) to using my pbook, both are running osx server (one 10.3.9 and the other 10.4.7)

Since updating my pbook (and an iMac) to 10.4.7 I can't connect to either..

*is sad*

If anyone has a work around I would be grateful... cheers


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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    I know it's not much help, but just so you know that this isn't a universal 10.4.7 problem, I connect to a couple of different VPNs on a regular basis, with both PPC and Intel Macs, and haven't seen any problems yet.
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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,797member
    A few suggestions.

    1.) Have you connected to the servers with any other machines to make sure the problem isn't server-side.

    2.) Assuming the problem isn't server-side, try creating a new user, logging in as the new user, and using VPN from there. Do the problems persist?
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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    Thx for the suggestions.. unfortunately it happens on multiple 10.4.7 machines, but not a 10.3.9 machine.. tried with brand new connections so there isn't a preference mucking things up.. imac g3, mac mini core duo as well as the powerbook and iMac g4.. all get stuck at the negotiating stage..

    Oddly a different powerbook, also running 10.4.7 does gets in, as does a macbook on 10.4.6... this macbook is the only machine that can log into a completely separate 10.4.7 server machine, where its owners running several different machines (possibly all on 10.4.7) also cannot log into..

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