Beach ball o death with airport

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Okay, so wondering if there is something I can do for the following. I have latest update of os X installed, 17" laptop, the 1.3 G4. When I sleep the computer by closing the lid, the next time I open it, Airport won't work. All I get is the spinning beach ball. And only when I move the mouse over thh airport icon in the toolbar. Anywhere else on the screen it's fine. Safari won't let me browse anywhere. Now the weird part is when I have to restart the computer I get locked in the blue screen and half to hold down the power button. So essentially two restarts later I'm back and running, no beach ball. Even weirder, if I leave the screen open and sleep with it open, when I return to computer I DO NOT get these symtoms at all. The computer carries on it's merry way. I have run all Onyx cleaning and maintaince checks, repair/check the harddrive from boot disc. Thoughts, suggestions?
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