iChat problems with MacBook

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Ever since I got my MacBook back in late May, I've had a problem with iChat. I'll be online and then it'll show that my buddy is typing a message but then I'll never get it and so I have to quit iChat and then sign back on again. When I ask people if they got my IMs or if they sent anything, they say that they sent several messages but I never get any of them.

I used to have a G4 PowerBook until I sold it to get the MacBook and I never had this problem with the PowerBook and I know it isn't an internet connection problem because I am still able to browse the web with Safari. iChat will also just disconnect me at random times and my internet connection is fine.

Has anyone else had this problem?


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    guinessguiness Posts: 31member
    I had this problem yesterday between two iMacs during a Video Chat. I just closed the chat window and reopened it and it worked fine though...
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