10.4.7 - No Dial Tone - Huh?

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Hi Folks.

So a couple of nights ago I downloaded 10.4.7 (via Software Update). I let it download all night (dial up). About 8:00am, the power went out, not due to a storm just due to the fact we live in the sticks. Anyhow, I go startup the Mac (Quicksilver G4 867), and according to "About This Mac" 10.4.7 is installed. All is well.

Then I try and connect......no dice. "No dial Tone" error. What are the chances 10.4.7 is goofing my modem up?

I tested the jack & phone cable...both fine.

Many Thanks for any help.


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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    If you still have the disk image or package that you downloaded, just do another install. That is faster than trying to troubleshoot the modem problem.

    If it refuses to do an Upgrade Install, just choose Archive and Install.
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