Apple Boot Camp Help and Video Game Compatibility

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NOTE: I am not trying to merely advertise a site. I am trying to provide information about Boot Camp to those who need it.

Hey everyone. Did you know you can run Windows XP and OS X on your new MacBook Pro? Apple released a software called Boot Camp that lets you do this.

I compiled a bunch of information on Apple Boot Camp since Apple isn't officially supporting it just yet.


The site is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions about Boot Camp such as:

NTFS vs. FAT32

Video Games Compatibility List

Which games run at 1440x900/1680x1050

Booting from an external HDD

Ctrl+click = right click


I would REALLY appreciate it if you visited my site. It is really designed as a help page and I would appreciate feedback on it. I know, for example, that the games compatibility list is not yet complete.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please continue to update me with any games that have been confirmed to work (and if they support 1440x900 or 1680x1050). This list ought to be helpful to many Mac/Boot Camp gamers out there.

If this site gets many visits, I will make sure to keep it up-to-date with all information that I can squeeze into it.

It has been a ton of work making this site, so just one visit/ad click would make a big difference to me.

Thanks, and have fun using Boot Camp!!


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    Added some forums
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    Hey no problem. I made the site for others to get use out of it, so your simple thanks means a lot.
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    blue2kdaveblue2kdave Posts: 652member
    Got any ideas on Half Life 2 Episode 1. Says I need updated drivers, but obviously thats a problem.
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